Thursday, October 30, 2014

What I have made

Skillet Lasagna
I loved this and so did my family. It was so fast to make and bake,too,perfect for a weeknight. Also, I couldn't find frozen squash (and I wasn't in the mood to cut up a fresh one and cook it) so instead of the squash I switched in a can of pumpkin---perfect! A hearty,Fall, rich and cheesy dish! It was my first time using no-bake noodles and they did seem a bit too al dente at first but they were even better as leftovers the next day!

My first risotto endeavor and boy I wasn't too big of a fan. I think I was expecting it to taste more like orzo than rice...but the fresh (garden grown,too!) squash gave it a deeper taste. I paired it with salad and bread and it was a fitting Fall night. It also took way longer than the recipe stated. My family liked it and they want to have it again but I don't know yet.

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