Monday, September 1, 2014

my long weekend

This weekend was lovely! I soaked up: family time,ate some great food,had dinner with Bestie P, went to Von Maur,went to the outlets,babysat,enjoyed the Summer weather,went to church,read and slept in.

How was yours?

Friday, August 29, 2014

book club

Julie Garwood's Fast Track

Cordelia Kane has always been a daddy’s girl—her father raised her alone after her mother died in a car crash when Cordelia was just an infant.  So when he has a serious heart attack, Cordelia is devastated, and the emotion is only intensified by the confusion she feels when he reveals the shocking truth about her mother.

Cordelia can’t suppress her curiosity about the woman who gave her birth, and when she discovers the answers to her questions lie in Sydney, Australia, she decides to travel there to get them.

Hotel magnate Aiden Madison is the brother of Cordelia’s best friend, and he’s oblivious to the fact that she’s had a crush on him for years.  When he volunteers to take her to Sydney on the company jet, he has no idea that he’s putting her life in jeopardy or that he’s about to unlock a  passion that will change their lives.
(thanks to her website)

I liked this light-hearted romance and and suspense book but I normally do enjoy JG's work.  Another perfect,fast weekend/Summer read.It is a B.

Elizabeth Little's Dear Daughter

Former “It Girl” Janie Jenkins is sly, stunning, and fresh out of prison. Ten years ago, at the height of her fame, she was incarcerated for the murder of her mother, a high-society beauty known for her good works and rich husbands. Now, released on a technicality, Janie makes herself over and goes undercover, determined to chase down the one lead she has on her mother’s killer. The only problem? Janie doesn’t know if she’s the killer she’s looking for.
(thanks to her website)

This book reminded me of Gone Girl (think darker,edgy.twisted) from the beginning to the end but I enjoyed this one way more. There were funky characters and a mystery to keep in mind. I didn't see all the turns coming and it had such a wacky setting,great descriptive writing and Janie/Rebecca was a smart,spoiled character/narrator. You felt sorry for her and wanted to see what would happen. I give this an A,even if I didn't agree with the ending.

Thursday, August 28, 2014

my first of the Season

over the weekend I signed up for this awesome swap! I love a blog swap and I love Fall so I am super excited to participate!!

Know of any other Fall or end-of-Summer Swaps?

Wednesday, August 27, 2014


Happy Birthday,C!!

You are still an adorable chatter box who has discovered Superheros and I love it!! 

Tuesday, August 26, 2014

emmys 2014

My favorite dresses from last night:

Kate Walsh

Lucy Liu

Julianna Marguiles

Julia Louis-Dreyfus

Jessica Pare


Monday, August 25, 2014

the weekend

Mingle 240Weekend Recap

This weekend was much needed after the busy week I had. I relaxed and slept in and enjoyed some down time. This weekend was for:

chores and errands
a much "needed" Target trip
coffee with Bestie P
browsing etsy for Blackhawks things
planning other excursions
text conversations with my brothers and Besties
reading dear daughter (I am almost done!)
brunch with some of the family--yum!!
chatting in the backyard with Oldest brother J and sis C
painting my nails
laughing :)

Saturday, August 23, 2014


Big news!!!

After 5 years of trying,applying,hoping,praying,trying,applying,hoping,wishing,praying,and trying I am finally back in a true school setting!!! Last Sunday I officially accepted a TA (teacher's assistant) position in a special ed kindergarten room at an elementary school;it is my foot in the door! I love the kindergarten teachers I work with and the other TAs are great. The six students in our room are sweet and smart and our first week is already done!

Friday: Had the interview early in the morning before I went to my "old" job.

Saturday/Sunday: I received the phone calls from the school principal and assistant superintendent offering me the job, I called my old job and left them a message saying I took the TA position and that Monday would be my last day there.

Monday: Had my last day as a PreK teacher in the corporate daycare;said good bye to my coworkers,bosses and kiddos.

Tuesday: Went to the district office to fill out the paper work before the Institute Day! Went to Institute day.

Wednesday-Friday: Full days in the classroom with the students!!

What a crazy,enjoyable,whirlwind of a week! It all still hasn't sunk in yet and I can't stop being happy,grateful,blessed and excited for this new chapter in my life.

This is just another part of His plan and I am very excited about this leg of the journey.

God is good,all the time.