Thursday, October 30, 2014

(almost) the end of blogtober

Helene in Between Blogtober

I participated in the first handful of these prompts earlier in the month but then I jsut wasn't feeling it and life got in the way and I just got lazy but I am back for today's prompt! Tell us about yourself.

I love a blog link up and Fall and Christmas and scarf/sweater weather.

I am paranoid when I come home to a dark and empty house.

I would love to pack up and move to Australia for a year...darn 'making a living and saving for life 'gets in the way

I love coffee and chocolate...I hate clowns, asparagus and feet

And I found this over on Allie's blog, ao thank you!

Favorite pizza:  any type of crust with pepperoni...or vegetables... and Chicago-style is the best best best.

Favorite place to buy clothes:  Target, The Loft, Von Maur

Favorite home decor store: Target or Home Goods/Marshalls

Favorite Starbucks drink: Non fat,no whip: mocha, Carmel machiatto, salted Carmel mocha,pumpkin spice latte or peppermint mocha. I know, it is a sickness.

Favorite technology gadget: ipod--I love that all my music is there at once;and I love making new play lists.

Favorite football team:  Chicago Bears...but I don't really like football in general.

Favorite breakfast food: french toast, egg burritos, pancakes

Favorite seafood: Salmon or a good white fish or a fresh crab cake,

Favorite city:  Chicago....and San Francisco was favorite dream city is Melbourne,AUS!

Favorite dog breed: Husky, Labrador

Favorite dessert:  fresh baked cookies or oreos...cake/cupcake

Favorite music genre:  country or christian

Favorite soda:  Pepsi---no gross diet stuff though

Favorite queso:  cheddar or Munster...I love all cheese though,really.

Favorite holiday:  Christmas

Favorite nail color:  dark purples or blues

Favorite mascara:  I don't use any....

Favorite foundation: Bare Minerals

Favorite hair product: Garnier Fruictese's Anti-humidity gel

Favorite outside temperature:  60s-75

Favorite perfume: Vera Wang Princess or Coach Poppy Flower

Favorite handbag designer:  Coach or newest love of Kate Spade

Favorite retail store:  The Loft

Favorite curling iron:  Don't use one,don't own one

Favorite wine:  red...preferably a merlot

Favorite beer:  any!

Learn something new?

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