Wednesday, December 4, 2013

holiday questions

Five of my favorite Holiday movies
Home Alone
The Holiday
Miracle on 34th Street
A Christmas Story

Four songs I could never get sick of hearing
Away in a Manger
Little Drummer Boy
Silent Night
A Baby Changes Everything (it is from Faith Hill's Christmas album a couple years ago,I still love it).

Three foods that I look forward to
Christmas cookies (especially the cornflake cookies and magic bars that my oldest brother,J, makes!)
Egg nog (goes along nicely while we decorate the tree)
Our family's cheesy egg souffle (a tradition on Christmas morning)

Two activities I love
Decorating the tree
Christmas morning (Mass.breakfast,cups of coffee and opening presents with the family)

One reason why the Holidays are so special
All the family traditions we have...even if some are not our favorites,they are still apart of our family and growing up years.

Thanks, Heather!!
Happy Wednesday,all! 

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