Friday, November 2, 2012

Fall swap,take two

For this swap,I was paired up with the awesome Kristen from Wright Stuff  and she spoiled me big time with fun Fall items!

The goodies:
Candy--carmel apple milky ways, carmel apple sugar babies, pretzel mms
A cute pack of turkey tissues
A Fall scented candle (which is funny because I sent her the exact same one!)
Lip balm
A pair of comfy socks
Pumpkin lotion (it smells amazing!)
Halloween themed sprinkles
And she wrote a lovely little note :)

I had a great time participating in my second Fall swap this season and "meeting" new people.

Thanks again for hosting a fun Fall swap,Kim & Mia! And for being a sweet partner, Kristen!


  1. My swap partner and I sent the exact same polish! Funny how we all think alike. Great package!

  2. So glad you participated, Jodi! Looks like you got some super great goodies. :) Happy FALL!

  3. Your package looks awesome! Thanks for joining in! :)

  4. Caramel apple milky ways, they sound good!


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