Monday, October 22, 2012

wrapping up the weekend

Thanks,Syndal and Sarah!

{one} I had a three-day weekend so I was able to sleep in an extra morning!

{two} Had coffee with Besite K on Saturday

{three} started reading Summer Child by Diane Chamberlain

{four} Drove downtown for a girls' night with Bestie B

{five} Went to the Brandi Carlile concert on Saturday night at the Chicago Theater! It was awesome, she is one talented singer!

{six} Walked around Lincoln Park and the Lakefront on Sunday morning after brunch (where I ate pumpkin pancakes!)

{seven} Soaked up the beautiful skyline before church

{eight} Went to Molly's cupcake bakery and bought cupcakes for my family...then walked over to the Loft and bought three cute tops that were on great sales.

{nine} Loved having friend time and then family time

{ten} Enjoyed cooking dinner Sunday night, a comfort meal :)

How was your weekend?


  1. I love Brandi Carlile! And that skyline is gorgeous, Victoria!

    happy Monday!

  2. I also had a 3 day weekend. I love skyline photos!

  3. 3 day weekend whoop! It sounds like you took advantage of your time off and it looks like it was a beautiful weekend in the city.

  4. Yay for three day weekends! And even bigger YAY for cupcakes! :)

  5. a 3 day weekend with coffee, music, gorgeous weather, and girl friends? perfect!


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