Tuesday, October 23, 2012



Hooray, it's time for another round of Michelle and Heather's awesome link up:

My 3 picks: famous Ryans

Eff: Ryan Reynolds

He seems like a great, sweet guy plus he has an awesome body.

Marry: Ryan Gosling

Um yeah, no explanation necessary, it is Ryan Gosling!!

Kill: Ryan Phillippe

Sure he is a decent actor but something about him gives me the creeps...and there was that whole "did-he-cheat-on-reese" rumor/truth....

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Happy Tuesday!


  1. These are GREAT!!! (and kind of funny because I did the same three a few months ago. *high five*) That Ryan Phillipe, he's just the worst. Haha!! However, I'd marry Reynolds because Gosling strikes me as a moody kind of guy and I can't handle that.

  2. Awesome selection and I'd have to agree! I went with the boys from The Vampire Diaries.

  3. Good choices, but I think I'd marry Ryan Reynolds.

  4. This is impossibly tough!

    I think I'd eff Ryan Phillippe
    Marry Ryan Reynolds and kill Ryan Gosling....I know everyone probably hates me...but take away his movie roles and he's not that dreamworthy..

  5. Girl...could you have made this ANY harder for me??? wow...ok well we all know I'm marrying Gosling because I am obsessed. I think I'll eff Reynolds and kill Phillippe...although I hate doing it!!

  6. Ha I agree with all of these! Ryan Gosling just seems so sweet, like husband material :) I could marry Reynolds too, though. I mean, it's Ryan Reynolds.

  7. Great choices ... but I would swap the two Ryan's .... I would want to marry Ryan Reynolds just to have him every day :)

  8. Dude... I was seriously SCREAMING "OH YEAAAAAAAAH" as I scrolled down! You and I can eff Ryan Reynolds.. then we can do our own sister wives with Ryan Goseling... and then we can BOTH tag team murder Ryan Phillipe! Thelma and Louise style!!

  9. Loving this link up! The second time I've seen it this morning, but today was the first I had heard of it. Soooo funny!

  10. Love the theme! And I agree with your answers.

    Stopping by from the linkup! :)
    Easily Entertained


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