Friday, October 19, 2012

book club

Thanks, as always to the awesome Heather and Katie!

This week I read:

The Gift by Nora Roberts
The Gift: Home for Christmas / All I Want for Christmas

Contains two captivating stories of holiday magic and romance--"Home for Christmas," in which a renowned reporter returns home to win the love of a woman from his past, and "All I Want for Christmas," in which two mischievous twins get the best Christmas present ever, a new mother.
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I love a sweet story about Christmas and love so this collection of three short stories was perfect! The only flaw about the first two stories was that I wanted to read more once they ended. And the third story was longer and still an enjoyable read but it wasn't about the holidays. Another non-disappointment by the wonderful NR! Quick reads that I give a B.

Mercy by Julie Garwood

Attorney Theo Buchanan-brother of seasoned FBI agent Nick Buchanan, the hero of HEARTBREAKER-is in New Orleans to receive an award for his work with the Department of Justice. When he becomes unexpectedly ill at the gala ceremony, a beautiful stranger rushes him to the hospital and ultimately saves his life. The woman-a brilliant surgeon named Michelle Renard-intrigues Theo, but before he can learn more about her, she leaves New Orleans and returns to her small clinic on the Louisiana bayou. Theo seeks her out to thank her, but finds more than he bargains for. When he arrives in the little town of Bowen, he discovers that Michelle is being followed, her house has been broken into and her clinic has been destroyed. Theo is in a position to return the ultimate favor. Michelle saved his can he save hers?
Behind the threat is a secret society that will stop at nothing to satisfy its greed, including murder. From the time they became friends in prep school, the four who secretly call themselves the Sowing Club have been ruled by their ambitions and their depravity, bound by a pact that will guarantee them millions in cash. One woman, however, stands between them and their ultimate woman who can destroy them...and they will do whatever it takes to silence her. For Michelle Renard, there will be no mercy.

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This is my second Garwood book that I have read and I loved it almost as much as the first one I read (Sweet Talk). Great characters and intense details that come to life while you are submerged in the story. Had me on the edge of my seat and I couldn't wait to read to the end so I knew how it all turned out. Even though this is apparently the second book in a series (which I hate to do, read books out of order) there was no confusion because this book is all about the two new characters and their situations. I was glad about that; I give it an A.

Happy Friday!

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