Saturday, May 5, 2012

Right now favorites

Starbucks cup: Bestie E surprised me with this for my birthday and I love it. I use it daily for water and I can even bring it in to Starbucks and use it for iced teas or iced coffees and I receive a discount! Plus it is dishwasher safe so it is super easy to clean each night.

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Lemon Water: I love drinking water but adding a slice of lemon each day makes it even more refreshing. So good!

Oranges and Strawberries: These fruits are in season now and they have been super juicy and sweet. Love to add them to my breakfast or lunch.

Cooking new recipes: I really do enjoy cooking and baking; and with receiving Giada's newest cookbook last month I have been trying out a couple new recipes for weeknight dinners. Yummy and quick!

Having "me" time: Coffee dates with Besties, mani/pedi,browsing the library aisles without Bman distracting me, reading a book in the quiet, vegging out with a favorite show after a long day at work, skipping out to the movies for an afternoon matinee on my day off, making myself go for a run. All great ways to revitalize myself and make me feel happier.

Letters from Home by Kristina McMorris: It has been awhile since I have really enjoyed a book as much as I have enjoyed this one. A fantastic love story with the addition of war time duties. Conflict, romance, sorrow, loss, happiness, surprise and healing hearts are main themes in this book and I loved it!

What are your current favorites in your life now?

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  1. I love your favorite's list! I've read through a few of your posts and look forward to reading more! Your writing is a breath of sunshine! :)


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