Monday, May 7, 2012

dear monday



Dear May, how the heck are you here already? This year is flying by.

Dear Lovebug #2, I cannot believe you will be 7 on friday!! Unbelievable!

Dear Weekend, thanks for being enjoyable and fun filled.

Dear Avengers, I am looking forward to (hopefully) seeing you thursday.

Dear Self, Let's try to run 4 times this week! (Weather permitting...)

Dear Weather, you have been real dreary and rainy...shape up!

Dear Monday night tv, you are my favorite night of the week-Bones,Castle,Hawaii 5-O, Hart of Dixie

Dear Besties, I cannot wait for Saturday when we drive up to Milwaukee to watch our Cubbies! Awesome times are ahead :)


  1. I was super excited to read that you are a Cubbies fan! Being from IL originally (husband is from Chicago), those are my beloved boys. Even if they stink. Which is more often than not unfortunately. Have fun in Milwaukee!

  2. We just got rain for the first time in a month. Keep sending the weather our way! Good luck with your four runs!

  3. YOu should definitely see Avengers! And I can't wait for Bones tonight ;)

  4. Love me some Bones! Although we usually record it and watch it on Thursdays. :) Happy Monday!

  5. I cannot recommend Avengers enough...and the season finale of Castle!!! :)


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