Friday, November 14, 2014

coffee date

Thanks to Jenna, I am linking up for her Coffee Date!

This week's highs

  • Wine night and dinner with Besites K and E
  • Crossing a few more items off of my Christmas list
  • ProACT training for work,which means I haven't been in the classroom since Wednesday but I have learned a lot of great,unique information and tools to use.
  • Hallmark Channel Christmas movies :)
  • Rsvp-ing to Bestie E's ugly sweater Christmas party
  • Buying my ugly Christmas sweater for Bestie E's party--thanks Etsy!
  • working out even when I didn't feel like it
  • Walking away from a few items that I wanted to buy at Target but I didn't "need"

This week's lows

  • so darn cold here in Chicago...20s and 30s! I even had to bring out my Winter jacket today so I would survive recess duty!
  • I have a cold starting so it is time to load up of Cold-EZ lozenges!!


  1. I had heard from friends in Chicago about the winter chill that they were experiencing! This weekend is our turn in Boston! ;) Bundle up!

  2. You've reminded me that I definitely need to get started on Christmas shopping! I want to do a lot of it online this year, so better hop to it!
    Thanks so much for linking up for the coffee date. Stay warm! Xoxo


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