Thursday, September 11, 2014

another year later

Just like anyone else,I can remember where I was on that horrible,fateful day in 2001. (Walking down the hallway from gym class, as a Freshman in high school...).  Just being an American, and in America on that day,I still get chills thinking about the violence of that day. I wasn't physically there in NYC or the Pentagon or in the field in PA but I did still witness something horrific and incredibly sad and those images will never go away;I can only imagine what it was like for those people that were adversely affected.

In honor of those that we lost,those that survived and those that still remember,here are pictures I took in 2012 when I visited NYC. The (almost finished then) World Trade One, a big sculpture that was damaged during the attacks,scenes of downtown and the Statue of Liberty.

My heart,thoughts and prayers go out to anyone who is grieving,surviving and living with what happened thirteen years ago.

We will always stand proud and strong and united,God Bless America!!

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