Thursday, July 3, 2014


captain phillips
i knew the story,like most of us, but I didn't know or remember the exact details. what a scary encounter and experience! it had me riveted,and of course tom hanks nails it. so believable and heart breaking and heroic!

saving mr.banks
my sole purpose of watching this movie was to see why it was called 'saving mr banks' if it was about walt disney and the female creator of mary poppins. well,you find out why and more! it was a cute-at-times-unique story. not bad for a redbox rental.

jack ryan:shadow recruit
this movie had me at chris pine and action drama. i never read the tom clancy novels so i didn't have much going into it but it was also enjoyable. sometimes not realistic/plausible but it had me rooting for the good guys and trying to figure out how it would all end. another worthwhile redbox rental.

mary poppins
okay,it is true that i have never seen this movie before...i am not a big musical fan,nor is my family,i guess since it was never on when i was little. however,this was okay. i adore julie andrews and dick van dyke so they won me over. the singing was...well,it is a musical so there was a lot of it. and it is over two hours long!! yikes! mary poppins also sort of seemed annoyed whenever the attention wasn't on her so that bugged me :) funny story and the special effects were fantastic,especially considering it was made in the 60s! worth the free library rental.

i just saw it last night with the Besites,it was funny! and there was some sweet moments,too. i love melissa mccarthy though (since she was Sookie on gilmore girls!) so she can do no wrong in my book. there is a bunch of foul language though but not as much as her previous movies. worth it if you want some good laughs and a wacky family/plot line :)

listened to
david crowder's neon steeple
this cd rocks! my first crowder hit was 'i am' and it had me hooked. i really like 'my beloved', 'because he lives', 'you are', 'lift your head'

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  1. I have been wanting to see Saving Mr. Banks for a long time!! And I love David Crowder! One of my favorites. Hope you have a great weekend! Katie @ Cup of Tea


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