Monday, December 2, 2013


Sami's ShenanigansMingle 240
just ten of us around my parent's dinning room table this year. a small yet enjoyable crowd :)

I actually had to go work, sixteen pre-k kiddos showed up so teaching had to be done. I babysat at night,too. A long yet pleasant day.
slept in,usual weekend cleaning,paid bills,coffee with Besties P and B,pizza night with my parents/sister R/bro J and sis C while we watched the Hawks (win!) and a couple Hallmark Christmas movies.
church,put up Christmas light and decorations! dinner and another Hallmark  Christmas movie :) I also finished reading, Simple Genius

A nice weekend I had,how about you?
Happy Monday!

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  1. You weekend sounds perfect. I hope you're having a nice Monday :)


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