Sunday, November 24, 2013

sunday's currently


R E A D I N G Simple Genius by David Baldacci,it is the third installment in the King & Maxwell series.
W R I T I N G nada....
L I S T E N I N G to Christmas music,nope I am not ashamed to admit it,it puts me in a good mood :)
T H I N K I N G about what I need to do this week in my classroom.
S M E L L I N G a Christmas gift I bought for someone.
W I S H I N G I had more than just Thursday off this week,the drawback of being a teacher but not in a regular school district.
H O P I N G for a smooth and easy work week.
W E A R I N G jeans,mint green long sleeve shirt and gym shoes.
L O V I  N G Starbucks viz Peppermint Mochas,so tasty!!
W A N T I N G the holiday spirit to never end.
F E E L I N G excited for Thanksgiving this week!
C L I C K I N G on the loft website,I am going up to the Outlet today so I want to see if there is anything I should keep my eye out for :)


Happy Sunday!


  1. Have fun shopping. Enjoy your Sunday!

  2. Christmas music puts me in a good mood too! In the Philippines, the radio stations start playing carols in September haha :) Happy Sunday, and thanks for dropping by!

  3. christmas music puts me in a good mood too! so happy that it is time for christmas music everywhere :)


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