Tuesday, November 19, 2013

If you knew me....

You would know...that coffee is my favorite drink;hot/iced/espresso or just with milk,I will drink it.
You would know...I hate watching shows or movies where people are getting beat up,it makes my stomach cringe (another reason why I don't watch boxing or ultimate fighting)
You would know...my family and friends are the best;they have stuck with me this long :)
You would know...most friday nights I would rather sit at home with beer/wine and some dinner in front of the tv or with a book instead of going out. The work weeks are long!
You would know...that Christmas is my favorite time of the year,I love everything about it!
You would know...that the Blackhawks and Cubs are my two teams.
You would know...that teaching has been my dream,desire,goal,passion since I was truly a young girl.
You would know...that laughing makes it all better.
You would know...I love reading books,the paper kind too,not the kindle/tablet ones :)
You would know...that God has blessed me immensely but I sometimes forget that and become stuck in where I wish I was in life
You would know...photography is a life-long hobby of mine. It rare for me not to take my camera with me.
You would know...I am shy at first but just wait,my sarcastic,sweet humor will come out soon enough.
You would know...I have a hard time saying "no" to people.

Happy Tuesday!

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  1. We'll be watching the same game tonight, right? :)


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