Sunday, October 6, 2013


R E A D I N G The Last Camellia by Sarh Jio and truly enjoying it,she always has me hooked on on her novels
W R I T I N G nothing...but I am really wanting to start working again on my own book
L I S T E N I N G to Keith Urban's new cd,fuse and really liking it
T H I N K I N G about what I wish would change
S M E L L I N G the Fall air from my open window
W I S H I N G this week would bring something exciting and promising for me
H O P I N G this week goes by quicker than last week did
W E A R I N G skinny jeans,ankle boots,striped top
L O V I  N G katy perry's Roar. and i never thought i would say that about her songs,i can't stand anything else she sings but Roar is so fun to listen to and its message is great
W A N T I N G money to go travel with :)
N E E D I N G a better paying job
F E E L I N G meh...I don't understand His ways and these past four years have really worn on me
C L I C K I N G here for laughs

Thanks, Lauren!
Happy Sunday!

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