Saturday, September 14, 2013

Farwell,Burn Notice

Burn Notice had its last episode on thursday and I just watched it last night. What a lot of craziness and explosions! I am still bummed this show is over over because I love the characters and the good work they did for people,but I was tired of all the cia-bureaucracy story lines. I hear that there may be a spin off type show,that would be great!

****Spoiler alerts****

I didn't see Madeline's death coming...but it makes sense,she was doing it to save her own.
I thought Michael and Fiona were dead for a minute at their funerals and I was going to be really upset.
Sam and Jesse still working together,love it!
Barry at the funeral,great!
The pilot lines reappearing,perfect!
Michael realizing he did want to live and he could stop working for other people,finally!
Michael saving Fiona from Sonya,duh!!

I am just glad Michael and Fi are together and raising Charlie as their own :)

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