Tuesday, July 23, 2013

what i have made

Last week I conquered another item off my Summer list,I made dough from scratch.For some reason I am rather afraid of yeast,I feel like I can easily mess it up,etc BUT I had success with these Cinnamon Rolls. (My Dad bakes bread so I had him make sure the yeast mixture was good to go before I stirred it in, I thought it was going to be a lost cause because it didn't seem that "foamy" like the recipe calls for but my Dad reassured me it was fine). So that was day one :)

Day two consisted of:

Look at that beautiful dough! It was made the day before so it could sit/rise overnight.

Rolled out,buttered up, cinnamon sugar mixture sprinkled on...smelled so divine,too.
(During this time I also turned my oven on to the lowest temperature so that the rolls could sit/rise in a warm place;I turned the oven off just before I cut the rolls so it wouldn't be that hot either)

 Time to cut them into twelve rolls!

 Rising in the slightly warm oven. I took the rolls out for the last 20 minutes so I could preheat my over for their baking,too.

 Ready to bake after rising all nice and pretty :)

 Out of the oven!

 Making the frosting,incredibly quick and easy!

The finished Rolls! They may not win a beauty contest but they were rather tasty :) Soft and sweet on the inside!

Actually a bit less time consuming than it sounds like,since I thought splitting it into two days was better for my schedule. Next time I will roll the dough into a tighter log shape and check on my rolls after 20 mins,since mine were a bit crispier on the top than what I wanted and it was set for the allotted 25 mins. 

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  1. Why did I see this pic??? These look delish! I'm "hopping" from the blog hop at Blissful and Domestic ;)


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