Tuesday, July 9, 2013

never ever ever


never ever ever will I...

like sugar/sweetener in my coffee or iced tea
stop reading actual books (no kindle for me,thanks!)
get tired of Blackhawks hockey or even classic Cubs baseball
not like the glades,burn notice, white collar,hawaii five-0,ncis,friends
think Taylor Swift is a good singer (sorry,I think she just sounds terrible, especially live)
tire of hearing, "Aunite Vic" from any of my Lovebugs
not like pizza or cheese or pasta :)
not like manicure or pedicure

Happy Tuesday!


  1. I never thought I would get rid of real books--but these days I'm sort of craving an ereader. They are just so convenient.. I am torn though.

  2. I don't read kindles either. I like books!

  3. I don't care for sugar in my coffee, either! :)


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