Monday, July 8, 2013

weekend edition

Thanks,Syn & Sar!

I had a rather calm yet enjoyable LONG weekend. Big bro B and sis-in-law K were in town weds-fri so we all had fun catching up with them,especially hanging out on the 4th!

Friday: relaxed, did some errands and reading of always watching

Saturday: manicures and frozen yogurt (hello, Menchies!) with Bestie K and we walked around our local shopping area. Then I had beer + pizza,tried to watch a movie the class but it stunk so i turned it off and just finished reading always watching then called it a night :)

Sunday: early church service, then headed over to my sister's so I could accompany her while we took Lovebug #1 to her very first sleep away camp! Man,it was so exciting for LB but also made my sister and I pause because in seven years we will be doing this for her freshman year of college-eeek!  Anyways...we left LB with her friend and in good care over in Indiana and so my sis and I headed home (thankfully we actually didn't really hit any insane holiday or Chicago traffic,thank you Skyway and I90!). We met up with the rest of the Bs and the parents and sister R for dinner.

Not too shabby for a July weekend and rather sedate compared to my last few weekends.


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