Sunday, July 7, 2013

movies i have seen recently

The Internship

Vince Vaughn and Owen Wilson,they are hard to pass up but I must admit that this film was just "blah". At least it was an original idea and story. I just thought that some parts were unnecessary to the overall story line or they went on too long. It is definitely a "guys guy" movie,with the humor and girls scenes. But the general theme and heart of the movie was decent. I give it a C.

The Heat

I have been excited to see this movie for a few weeks,I enjoy both Bullock and McCarthy plus it is about time that a movie centers around to tough women instead of two tough men! I liked this movie,it was definitely funny and wacky and it seriously had me tearing up twice at the end! Although there was too much use of swear words for my own personal preference and at few rather intense/gory scenes (hence the R rating...). The story line was quirky just like the characters and the whole thing went by quickly,in a good way :) I give this movie an A.

Identity Thief

I rented this,finally! I like Jason and Melissa and they had such a fun chemistry that made the whole premise more funny. I was taken aback though by the strong language (I didn't realize it was R) but there are some really hilarious lines and parts in this goofy story. Again,I liked that it was something different and there was some heart at the center of the story. I give it a B.

What have you seen lately?

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