Sunday, June 23, 2013




Reading The Lost Daughter. I just finished Orphan Train by Christina Baker Kline and loved it,what a unique time in our history and story to tell.
Writing this post and my weekend post for tomorrow :)
Listening to the thunder and rain falling (a hot sunshine rain is currently happening...)
Thinking about the Blackhawks game tomorrow night,eeek!!!
Smelling nothing...
Wishing bright horizons would call me back for another interview at their new location (it sounds so promising!!)
Hoping it all works out for me,it is way past time,honestly :)
Wearing shorts and tshirt
Loving looking at my photos I took today while downtown
Wanting some iced coffee...
Needing more caffeine
Feeling tired,that hot sunshine and heat gets to you more than you would think
Clicking on new blogs to read...and the Blackhawks website,but of course.

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  1. so excited to have you linking up this week! by the way, do you have a twitter account? i like to tweet all the 'currently' posts each monday, & i'd love to include you in this way in the future! :)

    i need to get back into my downtown with my camera. it's been too long since i went down there & just snapped pretty pictures. it's such a fun thing to do!


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