Monday, March 4, 2013


Thanks,Sar and Syn!

This weekend, I...

slept in (hooray for 7+ hours of sleep!)

met up for coffee with 4 of my Besties on Saturday

ate pizza + had beer

watched the Blackhawks win on Friday AND Sunday (woo woo)

went to church

went to the library

read danielle steel's newest novel, until the end of time. But I was not a fan of it...

made a new stuffed shells recipe for Sunday dinner---spinach+italian sausage;it was so darn tasty

paid my March bills
Happy Monday!


  1. I've been craving stuffed shells!

  2. Oh man that sounds yummy! So jealous of all your sleep!

  3. I hate paying bills!

    I envy your 7+ hours of sleep!

  4. Sounds like an amazing weekend! Have a good week!


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