Saturday, February 23, 2013

safe haven


i am a Josh Duhmel fan

i wasn't too sold on Julianne Hough when i saw the previews months ago


the little girl who played Lexi stole the show,i thought,adorable and cute!!


i read Nicholas Sparks novel long ago when it came out and really enjoyed it;i remember i actually didn't hate the ending for once because it wasn't sad or frustrating

i am a sucker for his work

i love anything set in the South


i don't remember everything from the book BUT i thought this was a well done movie version of the story

i saw the twist at the end coming a bit before it was revealed and i thought it was a sweet idea



Julianne Hough won me over, she didn't seem like she was trying/acting too hard or fake--nicely done!

the soundtrack is just as good

this movie was thrilling/dark/suspenseful as much as it was sweet and romantic



i recommend this movie,even if you just rent it :)

a couple hours well spent!

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  1. I heard this was a good movie. I will have to check it out :) thanks for the suggestion!


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