Thursday, February 7, 2013

coffee talk

image from google

1. What's for dinner tonight?
A classic and easy Giada recipe, farfalle and broccoli. So very tasty!

2. Top 3 tv shows you never miss.
Downton Abbey, Elementary, The Mindy Project

3. What type of body wash are you currently using?
Coconut/Pina Colada from ulta,I love the smell of coconuts!

4. Take a photo of what's in front of you. 
Really nothing exciting, just the computer desk...

5. What's your favorite fruit?
Strawberries or peaches. (Although If I eat too many strawberries I get a rash lol)

6. Spring is almost here (well, it's already here for us Floridians haha), show me your go-to outfit!

Happy Thursday!


  1. Seems like everyone is listing Downton Abbey for one of their shows. Haha. I know I did!

  2. Loving the pink pants with the blue cardi. Cute!


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