Friday, February 8, 2013

book club

This week,I read:

Nora Roberts' Born in Ice
Book Cover
Second in the Born In Trilogy. Brianna Concannon’s bed-and-breakfast was a cold and empty place when the harsh storms of winter descended upon western Ireland...until an unusual guest—mystery writer Grayson Thane—arrives.
(thanks to her website)

I enjoyed learning more about Brianna and following her journey through life,love and heartache with Grayson,the American. A bit of a mystery or two to complete the ride;and you see how Maeve,the mother, become a little bit less cold. A fast read,I give it a B.

Nora Roberts' Born in Shame
Book Cover
In the third book in the Born In Trilogy, successful graphic artist Shannon Bodine has journeyed to County Clare, Ireland, after learning the true identity of her father. There she finds the embrace of a family she never knew she had—and a love that was never meant to be.
(thanks to her website)

I thought this was a pleasant,lovely last installment for this series. I liked seeing how the sisters got along  and discovering more about Maggie and Brianna's lives since their stories "ended". The romance was simple yet sweet enough and I still am in love with the West Ireland coast. I give it a B.

Happy Friday!

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