Monday, February 4, 2013

can you imagine?

As I mentioned over the weekend, my Grandpa passed away last week at the age of 98 1/2.

Can you imagine being around for nearly 100 years?! It still boggles my mind;all he saw, all that happened, all that changed the world!

Some of the things that occurred in his lifetime:
  • invention of the: radio, television,albums/tapes/cds,computer,Internet, video games, ipod, ipad,cable, vcr and dvr, cellphones, gps devices
  • powerful/influential people: JFK, Martin Luther King, Rosa Parks
  • main mode of far-away travel changes from boat to airplane
  • landing on the moon! satellites!
  • wars: WWI, WWII (which he fought for our country in), Vietnam, Korean, Iraq
  • the big stock market crash, the recession, Pearl Harbor, 9/11
  • Dozens of Olympic games

What a lot of powerful moments, people and events!

But sadly, he never did see the Cubs win a world series :( Maybe in my lifetime then it could come true...

It still makes me smile and be amazed at life and the world we live in, to have so much happen in one lifetime!


  1. wow he really did live through a lot! My grandma is in her 90's and I hadn't thought of it that way!

  2. Today would have been my Grandad's 90th birthday,although he passed away in 2009, at 79, even then he lived an amazing life. God Bless all the Grandads

  3. Aw I am so sorry to hear about your grandfather! So glad you knew him for so long! :)

  4. wow... i wonder how much a child born today would see in 98 1/2 years, you know? it's amazing to look back on a life like that. hope you and your family are doing alright with it.

  5. it is amazing and makes me wonder what we will see in our lifetime.


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