Tuesday, January 22, 2013

tuesday's topic: 7 people

The Austin Family Diary
7 People I'd like to meet:

Grandpa and Grandma J and Grandma K because I would love to see them with my parents and to see similarites in person rather than just from photos. And they all raised lovely kids it would be fun to see them with their grandkids and to tell stories about my Mom and my Dad.
Kristan Higgins;she is one of my favorite authors and seems so happy and down-to-earth plus she lives in the Northeast so it would be fun to travel there.
Jennifer Garner because she is a wonderful actress and seems so involved in her children's live and happy to raise them instead of focusing on just movies. I would like to know what she thinks about raising kids in Hollywood.
Reese Witherspoon;she is my all-time favorite actress. It would be fun to pick her brain on being raised in TN, living in Hollywood and raising kids there along with which movies were her favorie to make,etc.
Abraham Lincoln because who wouldn't want a chance to talk to him about being President during the Civil War and being a major component in abolishing slavery.

NeedtoBreathe; they are so talented and seem honest and open about their relationships with Him and the love they have for Him and His work.

My Husband :)


  1. I listed my grandparent that were deceased before I was born, too! It would be awesome to meet Abraham Lincoln. Such a great man!



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