Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Downton Abbey season 2

So this past weekend I watched all nine episodes of Downton Abbey season two and oh my, what a lot of changes and surprises!


Bates and Anna married!
Thomas got a bit of bad karma thrown back at him
William was able to serve his country like he wanted
Sybil and Branson got together
Cousin Patrick reappeared...maybe?!
Edith was nice
Mary was sort of nice
The estranged Mrs.Bates died
O'Brien felt guilty
Christmas at Downton is pretty

Thomas is back;O'Brien is still around
Lord Robert kissed a maid!!
Mary's fiance was a real creepy man
Poor William's fate
Branson is a bit too dangerously political and needs to accept Sybil's family just as they accept him
The future of Mary and Matthew is promising
Mr.Bates was arrested and charged--no!!

Are you watching this show?

thanks to google for the images...

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