Monday, January 7, 2013

random pieces

i watched an amish murder last night on lifetime and it was good and related to the book sworn to silence quite well actually. i give a B;it would have been an A but of course the ending was a bit different although it wasn't an awful change. and the casting was okay,i am still on the fence but i do hope they make the other books in Linda Castillo's series

hooray,the NHL lockout is over! i can't wait to watch the Blackhawks again

i am itching to go somewhere again this Spring...

dr pol returned for a new season this weekend;i am addicted to that show!

it is sad to see all the Christmas trees on the street...another sign that the holidays are officially over

i bought some cute shirts at target over the weekend and a cute new bag  on clearance for my teaching-carry-all.

it is hard to avoid downtown abbey season 3 but i a trying my best because i am only on season 2 and i don't want anything spoiled :)

back to work today,man it was a nice two weeks off!

i already miss sleeping in :)

yesterday blogger wouldn't let me upload my photos so i am hoping it is fixed when i am home tonight

celebrating bman's 3rd birthday over the weekend was fun,it was an "avengers" theme of course!

new shows start up this week,hip hip hooray!

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