Monday, January 7, 2013

his bday party

Family fun was had yesterday for bman's birthday lunch over at their house.Older brother J and sis-in-law C were able to join us all too. My older sister made the cookies,per usual and they tasted and looked amazing. The birthday boy wasn't into eating much food besides crackers/cheese and then cake. Speaking of cake, we sang to him then he blew out the candles then said, "where is my fork?" so we gave him a fork and literally dug right in;silly dude thought the whole thing was for him instead of having to share with everyone :) He loved opening his presents and then wanting to play with them all. He really enjoyed his new turtle night lite that he kept calling a pillow pet.

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  1. Sorry I normally respond via email but blogger isn't sending me my comments for some reason. Georgia, Tennessee and the Carolinas are all great states. I would say the Carolinas are my favorite. Charleston is AMAZING


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