Thursday, July 26, 2012

another installment of...


Woo-hoo! thanks, Heather and Michelle! I love this link-up because it is pure fun and enjoyment :)

My three picks for this round come from my newest favorite tv show, friday night lights.

Since it is a no-brainer that Kyle Chandler is the best guy to marry I will pick from the football team to make things more equal...

Eff :Tim Riggins

Although his hair always looked greasy he sure seemed to be a fun time and I was always rooting for him!

Marry:Matt Saracen

He was just so sweet,honest,romantic,lovable and was a great artist! He didn't really care about football as the long run and was focused on his grandma/family. Had heart!

Kill: Smash Williams

Ugh,he was annoying on so many levels and so self-centered/cocky/selfish. No thank you!

thanks,google images...
Happy Thursday!

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  1. Bahahah!I LOVED Friday Night Lights! one of the best series ever!!! Lyla was one of my faves on the show. And of course the triangle with her and Riggins and Tyra..


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