Tuesday, June 5, 2012


well,well,well, i found another fun link-up!


Sometimes and Always

Sometimes  I am just not in the mood to make dinner
Always worth it in the end though; a home cooked meal and it seems "healthier"

Sometimes I am overwhelmed with things on my to-do list
Always I take them one item at a time and smile when it is all completed

Sometimes I just lounge around in my pajamas til late morning (it is Summer time now!)
Always I feel better and more energized to conquer my tasks after a leisurely morning

Sometimes I drink too much coffee
Always I try NOT to yet I don't like my caffeine headaches so I reach for more coffee when water doesn't suffice :)

Sometimes I am a sucker for a great blog link up
Always I am glad to find one because it is my post for the day (what can I say, laziness wins once in awhile)

Sometimes I don't feel like going for a run
Always I am so glad I went and I return sweaty yet refreshed

Sometimes I just read the day/night away
Always I love being sucked into/lost in a great story/plot/characters

Happy Tuesday!


  1. Love your post and your blog! I agree about the coffee...hate the headaches!

  2. cute concept, I like your sometimes v always. And what a nice way to reframe unpleasant tasks

  3. I love reading these! I feel the same way about cooking at home... but we so rarely do!

    And when it comes to reading... if I am hooked in a book, I can't put it down. I need to check out what you're reading because we have vacation coming up and I need some ideas :)

  4. Love you list :) It's a great way to 'refocus' your things that you don't want to do!


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