Thursday, June 14, 2012



current book(s)
Somebody to Love the newest Kristan Higgins books (I love her)

current play list
The other day I made a play list with Tim McGraw and Keith Urban because they are awesome!

current color
anything teal, I am really into it now, seems like the perfect Summer color

current food
fresh Summer fruit! i just ate a juicy peach--yum!

current favorite show(s)
Friday Night Lights! I just started season two

current needs
a new pair of running shoes

current banes of my existence
job applications;they just make me sad because i know it will be like the previous three Summers of not hearing from any school about their teach positions....

current celebrity crush
Matt Passmore, enough said. Oh and he is Australian!!

current #1 blessing
my family and friends that are always there to support and help me and make me laugh

current indulgence
I had my first ever piece of a DQ ice cream cake, that is delicious stuff!

current outfit
I am in my pjs :)

current excitement
New episodes of burn notice and suits tonight!
Out with the Besties tomorrow night!

current mood
calm---it is Summer time!

current favorite quote or verse
Thanks,Kodie, I love this!!

current wishlist item
There is a super cute Cubbie pullover on sale at von maur, it sort of looks like this one but there is no hood and it has a zipper on the top half....

current favorite product(s)
dentex floss piks :) what can i say, i just used them and i can't think of anything else...
thanks to google for all the images!
Happy Thursday!!


  1. Fun link-up! I will have to this next week or later tonight if I have time. Thanks for posting!

  2. You are the second blogger who has posted about DQ! NOw I am dying!

  3. Loving the quote about someone looking for someone just like you- makes me smile to think about! Loving the teal nail polish too :) Happy ALMOST Friday :)


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