Thursday, May 10, 2012

thursday thoughts


ONE- the weather is just about perfect today (finally,no chill!)

TWO-sometimes i don't feel like going for a run even though i know i should...

THREE-i just saw the avengers this afternoon with my Dad and it was really good!

FOUR- this weekend is going to be busy but filled with fun,Besties and family.

FIVE-i am making my very first homemade pizza tonight and i am a little nervous;although i won't lie,it is a store bought pizza dough that i have to stretch out...i am looking forward to it though!

SIX-i will thoroughly enjoy a night in front if the tv tonight (bbt, person of interest, the mentalist finales!)

SEVEN- i swear that it feels like this week just started and yet we are almost at friday...where does the time go?!

EIGHT- i cannot believe that my followers keep growing and growing, you ladies rock!

Happy thursday!


  1. I'm supposed to go run right now and I'm getting lazy but your thought reminded me I really need to go! Great thoughts! Have a good weekend! :)

  2. Ah! Home made pizza is that bomb! Good luck!! :)

  3. I love homemade pizza so much...almost as much as I love Chicago style! I hope it turned out awesome!


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