Friday, May 11, 2012

boob tube babble

It has been far too long since my last link-up with Neely about the tv shows I watched this week:

In Plain Sight
Man,I am still sad that this show is done for good (does anyone know why it ended now after 5 successful seasons? Because of the creator/writer drama?!) I loved the characters and story lines and the freshness of it all. I will miss Mary and Marshall and just everyone! It was funny,sarcastic yet had so much heart! Anyways...I really liked this series final, it was sweet,simple and offered great "endings" for the characters. It could also totally be picked right up where it left off it ever is resurrected :) What a great show this was!

Hart of Dixie
This show is just plain fun and cute. Although I will admit Zoe is sort of a selfish baby at times...all the characters are hilarious and interesting (well Lemon is just an awful person but that is what she is supposed to be like). I am looking forward to next week's season finale because I don't think George will go through with the wedding to Lemon. Wade + Zoe all the way :)
A decent season finale. Just glad Becket FINALLY got her act together and woke up to what was right in front of her. I love this cast,too,no annoying characters at all. I am nervous though about Kevin and Javier's partnership,will they not be partners anymore after the whole scenario?! And where was Lainey in this episode...?
Masterpiece Mystery's Sherlock Holmes
I am so glad this show is back in (well for three new episodes...). A neat mystery to solve while I pretend to be British--awesome! Well worth your time,check it out!

NCIS: I still enjoy this show but I have to say that this storyline of the Navy ship fires has gone on wayyyy too long! I think it will be 5 episodes in total,annoying,just end it already! And I absolutely CANNOT stand the psychiatrist character (Jamie Lee Curtis's role), she freaks me out because she looks and acts just like Gibbs. The previews for next week's finale allude to a possible character death...?!

What have you been watching?
Happy Weekend!

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  1. I love Hart of Dixie!! Although, I'm Team Zoe and George! I wanted her with Wade in the beginning and now I'm really leaning toward George.


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