Wednesday, April 4, 2012


Linking up with Jamie for what i am loving

  • having Bman sit on my lap as we watch Little Einsteins 
  • running again! i ran monday and tuesday,so far so good :)
  • looking at all my photos from my NY trip
  • enjoying a tall nonfat carmel machiatto (it was an early morning,i deserved a treat,right?)
  • looking forward to dinner out and watching the blackhawks tomorrow night with Besties E,P and K
  • celebrating Easter on sunday!!
  • seeing my big brothers M,J and B and sisters-in-law C and K this weekend, it will be like Christmas!
  • watching/listening to Bman play,he has the best imagination and he is usually in his own little world with his animals/cars/little people toys :)
  • building things with Bman and his blocks
  • receiving Bloom by Kelle Hampton yesterday, I cannot wait to read it!
  • being home after an amazing NY trip
What are you loving today?

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  1. So glad your trip went well! And, I've been thinking about reading Bloom - how do you like it?? Hope your weekend is going well!


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