Wednesday, April 4, 2012

NYC: Day 2

I started the day with the awesome looking Flatiron Building, very neat!

A cool clock/building across the street...

Finally made it down to Greenwhich Village to visit Washington Square Park. The famous and amazing arch!

Some pretty finds in Washington Square Park, as I ate a croissant and drank some iced coffee while people watching...

 And look, NYU is right there too! A very posh and quiet area actually. Such fancy looking buildings/apartment buildings in Greenwhich Village.

 And the best part of the day, making my way to the FRIENDS apartment!! You know the building they showed in just about every episode. So fun :) Right at Bedford & Grove.

After visiting a few quaint shops in the area I made my back to my cousin's because I wasn't feeling too well and my feet/legs were very sore. But it was still an enjoyable day in the City.

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  1. YAY! Glad you had so much fun in my city :)


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