Tuesday, April 17, 2012

which celeb do you look like?

Happy Tuesday!


A funny linkup with R;
celebrity doppelgangers!



I have been told (especially when I was younger because I had bangs) that I look like Lacy Chabert (more from her "party of five" days....) but that is about it....

Here are my results (in reverse order) from picadill;Oh how they make me laugh!
Take 2N. 1
Match: 90%
Match: 89%
Match: 88%
Match: 88%
Match: 85%
Kristin Scott ThomasAshley JuddDiane LaneBilly CrystalBen Kingsley
Kristin Scott Thomas
Ashley Judd
Diane Lane
Billy Crystal
Ben Kingsley

Take 1
Match: 81%
Match: 80%
Match: 76%
Match: 75%
Match: 74%
Mira SorvinoRichard DreyfussAshantiMichael BloombergHarrison Ford
Mira Sorvino
Richard Dreyfuss
Michael Bloomberg
Harrison Ford


  1. Hahahaha these are great!! At least you got some men too - I got ALL men:(

  2. I can totally see lacey chabert and Mira if you were blonde!

  3. YES on Lacey Chabert! That is uncanny. and then men. Oh the men. Seriousy, you would think even a computer generated thingy could tell the difference between a man and woman. It totally seemed like the prettiest girls got men matches! Talk about a fluke in the system ha!!


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