Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Happy Birthday,to Me!

Today I turn 25!

Happy Birthday to Me!

Here are 25 "fun" facts you may not know about me:
  1. I read about 1-3 books per week
  2. Coffee is my morning must-have
  3. I don't like clowns
  4. I went on my first plane trip at the age of 24 (yes,this past March!)
  5. I love cooking dinners
  6. One sweet a day is my rule
  7. I have recently started running again and I am slowly improving my time
  8. I am more of a homebody...but I also like going out with friends and having a fun
  9. I don't like animal print,on anything.
  10. Water with  a slice of lemon is perfection
  11. I like to watch live with kelly each day
  12. I get annoyed by loud chewers
  13. I wish I could travel the world right. now.
  14. Peppridge farm goldfish are a weakness of mine
  15. I love to buy new nail polish
  16. I don't watch reality tv anymore (well, I watch the amazing race,but it's more of a competition show,right...)
  17. I don't like the hot hot Summer days,give me Fall or Spring please.
  18. I hope to visit Australia by the time I am 30
  19. I only like green apples
  20. Tulips are my favorite flower
  21. I will watch any Reese Witherspoon movie,she is my favorite actress
  22. I have seen every Friends episode dozens of time and it never gets old;still makes me laugh hard
  23. Laughter is the best medicine,at least I believe it
  24. I wish I could be a nature photographer,how neat that would be
  25. I love a birthday, celebrating someone is always fun!
Have a great Tuesday,everyone!


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