Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Top 5 Tuesday

Just Peachy

Rachel's theme this week: Restaurants

1. Panera

Hard to go wrong with their tasty sandwiches, salads or soups. I love their baked potato or creamy tomato (and I normally hate tomato soup!). Bread there is of course fantastic, I just want to eat a whole loaf. Their scones and coffee cakes are fresh and perfect too with a cup of coffee.

2. U Dawg U

The best cheese fries ever made. I love their tuna salad wrap or a classic cheeseburger or hot dog. So friendly there too (although the owner is a long time family friend).

3. Bravo

I love Italian food and this place is as close to Italy as I can get (for now)! Delicious wines, brunch items, fresh baked bread with dressing...and their pasta is just perfection. I love their lasagna, fettuchine with spinach and chicken, and chicken parmesan. Great place for family time or a lunch with some of my Besties.

4. Portillo's
The Portillo Restaurant  Group
Awesome for a fresh burger or chicago style hot dog. And their chocolate cake shake is out-of-this-world-amazing. They literally throw in a piece of the homemade chocolate cake into a vanilla milkshake and blend it up,so when you drink it you get bits of cake. Plus they have delicious freshly made salads.

5. The Cheesecake Factory

Duh, I go for their cheesecake! And their hug menu is filled with tons of tasty items as well; I love their tacos, meatloaf and cheesy pasta. Sometimes the Besties and I go just for coffee/tea and a piece of cheesecake. Never disappoints!

What are your favorite places to eat at?

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  1. Love Panera! I eat there obsessively. And you should try the spinach artichoke dip at Bravo...its the best I've ever had.

  2. I love Panera! And the Cheesecake Factory is always a stop on the way home for a piece of cheesecake.

    Thanks for stopping by my blog today!


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