Monday, February 20, 2012

What I made...

Anytime Vegetable Salad

So tasty! It will be even better during the Summer months when I can use fresh green beans and tomatoes. I used canned yellow wax beans (I just drained/rinsed them first) but they tasted the same. It was annoying though to pop all the soybeans out of their casing. A perfect side dish for any meat or fish.

Parmesan Chicken with Mini Penne

This was easy and pretty quick prep time. It was delicious, I love these chicken strips! (The recipe I linked you to is just for the chicken strips and vinaigrette to just cook some mini penne and you are all set to toss it all together).

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  1. The Anytime Salad sounds great! I was so busy last week I don't even remember cooking. Hope to have a dinner party this Friday!


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