Monday, February 20, 2012

Dear Monday


Dear Monday hooray for being a day off, a bonus for those that work in the school system!

Dear store-bought Starbucks drink you make headache go away (usually).

Dear Kristin Hannah I am loving your newest novel, Home Front. If I had been able to keep my eyes open longer last night I would have finished it by now.

Dear Hawaii Five-O I am so pumped to watch you tonight, I love spending an hour watching Alex O'Loughlin.

Dear Sunday thanks for being a fun day filled with church, brunch with the family and a coffee date with Bestie P.

Dear New York I am so excited to come visit next month;I am in fierce planning mode now!

Dear upcoming weekend I have declared it "old movie" weekend and I can't wait to watch true classics that I haven't seen yet.

Dear blogging world thanks for your love!

Dear February where have you gone?!

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  1. Great mini letters! I will have to participate next week :)


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