Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Melt my heart!

Lovebug #2 is finally star student of the week in her class (she has been waiting and waiting for it to be her turn, too bad it isn't alphabetical otherwise she probably would have been first). With being star student comes the privilege of having someone special come in to class and read a story. So guess who she picked..........wait for it....


I couldn't believe she really wanted me to read to her class; I even asked her to make sure she was sure on it :)

With tears in my eyes and a smile on my face I gladly told her I would love to be her special reader.

Once again a Lovebug has melted my heart!

I love being an Aunt :)


  1. Aww! That is precious! That would have definitely made me tear up! Who knew we would love these kids so much??

  2. Not to mention that you beat out Big sister, Mommy, Grandma and Grandpa. You deserve it!


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