Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Top 5 Tuesday

Just Peachy

This week's Tuesday topic from Rachel is....

Top 5 Distractions

1. Blogger. Oh man I spend wayyyyy too much time reading blogs, checking blogs, looking for new blogs to follow, updating my blog,etc. But it is just pure fun.

2. Allrecipes.com. I love to find new/fun/easy recipes (especially for baked goods).

3. Polyvore. I have stopped myself from going on here too much because I spend too much time here creating outfits.

4. People.com. I love me some celebrity news/sightings.

5. Watching my tv shows...I am tv junkie, there I said it :)

What do you "waste" your time on during the day?


  1. Ah! I am on People.com WAY too much, LOL! We have a lot of distractions in common... =) Hope you are having a wonderful Tuesday!

  2. blogger is a huge one for me too! and pinterest and twitter :)


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