Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Holiday Challenge : Day 7

Day 7: Celebrating Christmas

Fabulous Holiday Blog Challenge

Christmas Eve my parents host our traditional Polish dinner. Santa makes an appearance and we open up gifts from my oldest brother J and his wife,C. We also enjoy eating a big cookie platter that J and C make and bring. It is just a fun night celebrating the birth of Jesus with each other.

Christms Day I go to church with the family then we head over to my older sister's house for brunch and family gifts. We take a break in the afternoon then join back up for dinner.

Simple, traditional, classic and awesome. Just how I like my Christmas :)

How do you celebrate the holidays? Tell us over on Neely or Amber's blogs.


  1. Sounds nice and low key! I love that! Christmas Eve service has always been my favorite part of Christmas!


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