Saturday, December 31, 2011

Hello, 2012!

Well, a new year is upon us once again; where does it go? I swear this year flew by.

This year was filled with (relatively) good health, fun times, laughs, excitement and (positive) family changes.

My family and I welcomed a new member into our ever-growing family-baby C!

We also were thrilled with the announcement of B and K's engagment!

I traveled to MN for a week to help big bro M recover from a hip procedure...

Fun times were had with my Besties! (beach trips,blackhawks game, christmas lights downtown, keith urban concert, girls' nights, apartment parties...)

I took a leap of faith and opened a shop on etsy for some of my photography work...

And of course I attended a Cubs game and a Blackhawks game.

Lots of family get togethers and sillyness.

I will be entering 2012 with an even stronger faith in God and His plans, love for my family and thankfulness for good health and the blessings I already have.

Have a lovely and relaxing New Year's Eve!

HAPPY 2012!!

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