Friday, November 4, 2011

Usa network & two extras

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Boob Tube Babble

This week marked the return of a couple of my favorite USA network shows: Covert Affairs and Burn Notice. Both of these are fun, light, interesting and comical. Plus I have always wanted to be a spy and they are both sort of about being a spy :)

Covert Affairs (on tuesday nights)

Sure this is cheesy at times but I am a sucker for a tough woman character. I have watched this show since its beginning and I simply enjoy it. I love the main character (Annie) and her co-worker, Auggie, and I love that it is all about being a spy/cia member.  I am however still annoyed with Annie's sister because she really overreacted....but I won't spoil it for others....anyhow. If you have "extra" time, give this show a viewing.

Burn Notice (thursday nights)

This is a show that my Dad got me into and I LOVE it; I don't know why exactly but it is just pure fun to watch...a little action/drama/romance/mystery all in one hour! It is about a burned spy (Michael Weston) who now resides Miami and is trying to figure out who/why he was burned. And of course he is a good guy who helps other people (you know, normal-everyday types) fix their problems. Oh and I wish I could be Fiona because she is one fit-and-tough-as-nails woman! Although it has become a little too ridiculous with all of these separate people that are involved in Michale's burned-spy-status so I hope this latest one is truly the last. I return every week because I love the characters (Sam, Jesse and of course Mike's mom,Madeline) and their new problems/situations they have to solve and the people they help.

Prime Suspect (thursday nights on usa)

There is just something about this show that intrigues me; I mean it reminds me of The Closer since it centers around a strong,smart,tough female cop/detective yet it is still refreshing. It does irk me though how some of the male cops still treat Jane like garbage. And I like that it is set in NY...a cop show set in Ny, now there is something new :)

And last but not least....the season premiere (finally!) of...

Bones (thursday nights on fox) SPOILER ALERT!

I will be the first to admit that I was not very thrilled with the idea of a Booth + Bones baby, I thought it was sort of thrown together all of a sudden and I figured it would be an awkward situation. However, I was thoroughly pleased with the fact that Booth and Bones are indeed going to have a bay AND they are actually in a true boyfriend/girlfriend relationship! And I like that it is still the same old chemistry while they are working cases together. I am thrilled; it shows a more "human" side of Bones that I didn't think she was capable of. I love that they actually admit (frequently) that they love each other and want to have a good life together-finally!! I just hope that this baby turns Bones into less of a robot because for someone who is so very smart/a genius she sure doesn't learn how to talk to/treat/react towards or with people sometimes and it has gotten on my nerves over that last few seasons. Thanks for a great season premiere, bones!


  1. Such good shows! My brother in law got me hooked on Burn Notice! I love that couple!

  2. My husband loves Burn Notice. I've been able to really get into though.

  3. We got rid of our cable 2 months ago so the only shows we watch are downloaded by my husband or on Netflix. We watch Dexter and Sons of Anarchy. Both good but obviously male centered shows.

  4. I need to get into Prime Suspect. I am a Law and Order SVU FANATIC and have seen all the episodes, and I think I would like PS... I need some good Mon-Tues shows, too? Any suggestions??

  5. Just started watching Prime Suspect, I like it!! Missed the last one, I forget to DVR it, but it's a good one! :)


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