Wednesday, October 26, 2011


Join up with Jamie,too!

This week I am loving...

-that Fall is really here and it is almost Halloween

-The Forgotten Garden by Kate Morton;it is such an interesting and gripping story and I am just 200+ pages in

-that Christmas is just under 2 months away (where the heck has this year gone?!)

-that Burn Notice and Covert Affairs return next week...oh and Bones!!!

-the pumpkin cheesecake recipe I just saw over on Jennifer's blog;I know what I will be making very soon

-that I am almost at 30 followers, I mean seriously, I am shocked even one person finds my blog fun/entertaining/enjoyable :) so, thank you girls!! 

-that Lovebug #5 will 2 months old tomorrow

-that Lovebug #4 (aka the B-man) now says "i don't know" while shrugging his shoulders and raising his Dad taught him that one yesterday and it is too darn cute/funny

-that I have friday off!

-the Fall blog swap that i joined yesterday

-the new show hart of dixie

What are you loving this week?


  1. I'm so excited for Bones to start again! Happy Wednesday!

  2. I'm follower #30! Woohoo!! :)

    I can't believe Christmas is right around the corner.. so crazy!! Have a wonderful Wednesday!

  3. Where the heck did this year go IS RIGHT!!! I'm going to soak in the last of it and try my best to stay on top of everything! CONGRATS on 30+ followers! You're awesome that's why:)

  4. Hi Victoria! I am responding to the comment you left on my "Fill in the Blank Friday" post. I am sorry that this is so late- but I wanted to say thank you for your comment!

    I love your blog and I think it's awesome you live in Oregon, me too! Are you in the PDX area?

    Loved your list for this Wednesday. I am loving the Fall. Beautiful sunrise this morning but oh so COLD!!!


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